Stephen Carr

Truck driver

Stephen (46) started his career as a bricklayer, but before long he realised that he wanted to pursue his real passion: driving! Stephen: “I’ve worked for AB Texel UK since July 2021. I’d obviously seen the trucks driving around and when I went past the yard, I saw they were looking for drivers. So here I am, I’ve been working for AB Texel UK for over a year now!''

Working as a truck driver

Stephen feels glad every day that he decided to take the plunge and turn his passion into his profession. Stephen: “My favourite thing about my job? That no two days are the same! On top of that, the people you encounter can really make your day. If you love your freedom and enjoy seeing new places, then I can really recommend working as a driver. For me those are two enormous advantages of this job. And having the opportunity to help other drivers is something that always makes my day, when you know that you’re really making a difference for them. For me these are some of the best parts of my job. And also... sitting in the driver's seat of a DAF Super Space cab is really something else!''

Working for AB Texel UK

Stephen is really happy at AB Texel UK. ''I work full-time, that’s a good fit with my lifestyle. The average working day for me starts early, with scheduled work duties. My days are full, which I like. I'm responsible for promoting the company by ensuring that the products arrive at their destination on time and in good condition. At AB I really have the feeling that I belong. In my eyes, the attitude and commitment shown by everyone at AB is unique. AB Texel UK is a good employer. Communicating with my colleagues in the office is easy, and they always do their best to help. I plan to stay at AB for the rest of my career!'', Stephen says.

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