AB Connect

In early 2020, AB Texel launched its own app: AB Connect Now our colleagues can check for news or developments at any time of day, which is obviously much more convenient than just having a monthly newsletter! Thanks to the app, our colleagues are much more in touch with what's happening. You can also access documents via the app, sign up for events, and look up contact details.

All information in one place

AB Connect brings all AB information together in a single place. Our colleagues can access things like their personal data, documents and pay slips, via their personal accounts. We have also had some handy things added for drivers: they can use the app to look up the closest petrol stations, weighbridges, truck wash facilities, and mechanics. There’s also a map with places where they can pull up overnight. These locations include not only factory sites and parking areas along motorways, but also locations on, for example, farms, where colleagues have reported that they were able to spend the night there. Isn’t that handy?

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