Our core values

AB Texel UK is a down-to-earth transport company that you can rely on. At AB we do what we promise and we do it well. To us it’s only normal to do our job well. It’s not something you need to brag about. Our accomplishments speak for themselves, and you know what to expect when you work with us. 



You can count on us. A deal is a deal; that's how we operate. We're always honest. You know where you stand with us. This goes for colleagues and clients alike. If we say we’re going to do or organise something, then that's what will happen. To us that goes without saying.



Despite the fact that we fall into the 'big company' category, we still have a startup mentality. We think in terms of possibilities and solutions. We have short lines of communication and we respond quickly. We're flexible and we move with the needs of our customers, the market and our colleagues.

Down to earth


We don't mess around. We don't make things sound better, or more difficult, than they are. We are go-getters at AB ; we simply do what needs to be done. And we do it well. We've got both feet on the ground and we tell it like it is. It's a great way to work, both for our colleagues and for our customers.



We're big fans of open and direct communication. We don’t put on airs and graces at AB; we're approachable and relaxed. We don't click with everyone, but if you're with us then we're extremely loyal.

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