About AB Texel UK

Each and every day, AB Texel UK works to transport agricultural products. We’re based in Whittlesey, in the heart of the UK’s biggest potato-growing region! The area is also home to various major potato processing companies. Our drivers collect the potatoes and other agricultural products from the growers and transport them to the factories, where they are processed into important foodstuffs. The area in which we work extends to every corner of the UK, so our drivers discover new and beautiful areas of the country every day. No two days are the same!

Our drivers use modern vehicles that are equipped with the latest technology, and safety systems. It’s important to us that our drivers are able to perform their duties both comfortably and safely. For this reason, AB Texel UK's fleet consists primarily of new trucks with an average age of just three years.

At AB Texel UK, we like short lines of communication and direct contact. That’s why our management team, planning, customer service and administration departments, and our workshop are all located on the same site in Whittlesey. Our office is located here, as well as our own workshop and washing facilities. There is also ample parking for all our trucks and trailers, as well as good facilities for our drivers including showers, a canteen, and places to spend the night. Very convenient!

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Part of AB Texel

AB Texel UK is part of AB Texel, a major international player with several companies specialising in the transport of potatoes and other agricultural products, flour, animal feed, (liquid) dairy products, refrigerated food products and building materials.


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What we stand for

The way it works is: we do what we say we’ll do. With both colleagues and clients. Thanks to our loyalty and how approachable we are, people soon feel at ease with us. We don't try to make things sound better, or more difficult, than they are. We’re real go-getters, but we're modest about our achievements. At AB we just do what we need to do, and we do it well.

Our core values


Vehicle fleet

At AB Texel UK, we understand that our drivers need good equipment. How else can you perform at your best? That’s why we never stop working to maintain, renew, and optimise our fleet. So as a driver for AB Texel UK, you’ll drive modern and well-maintained vehicles. The trailers feature the latest technologies and safety systems, and our trucks feature extra-high cabs, so our drivers are able to move comfortably. Are you curious about the vehicles our drivers drive?

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