What AB offers

At AB Texel UK, our colleagues’ happiness is important to us. Each and every one of our colleagues is a real star, with all of the AB qualities, so we’d like them to keep working with us, with enjoyment and in good health, until they retire. For these reason we’re very happy to invest in our colleagues’ job satisfaction.

Good facilities for our drivers

At AB, taking good care of our people is important to us. So on our Whittlesey site you'll find all the facilities you need. We have ample parking, showers, a canteen, a laundry room, and relaxation areas. And right next door you can pop into the office to speak to your office colleagues. Isn't that great?


A large and stable organisation

AB Texel UK is part of AB Texel; a major and reputable international player specialised in the transport of potatoes and other agricultural products, flour, animal feed, (liquid) dairy products, chilled food products and building materials. This makes AB Texel UK a very stable organisation with good working conditions. We’re known for always paying on time. To us that’s only normal. We at AB Texel UK also understand that not everyone wants the same thing when it comes to their schedule,  so we offer many different work schedules. From day shifts to night shifts, weekend shifts, long-distance trips, full-time, part-time... there’s a wide range of options, both with and without overnight stays. There’s always a schedule to suit you.

We support new drivers

Driving is an amazing profession, so we love it when people want to train as drivers. At AB Texel UK, we support new drivers who want to start working in the transport sector. We do this by providing them with financial assistance to obtain C+E driving licences. And our support goes a step further than that. Once you, as a new driver, hold the right licence, we give you on-the-job training. This is done by an experienced AB trainer. This trainer will continue to support and guide you as you increase your knowledge and confidence in this great profession.


AB Connect

A lot of our colleagues are on the road every day, both in the UK and further afield. At times this made it difficult for colleagues to keep on top of important developments. So we came up with something to help! We had our own app developed: AB Connect The app allows us to easily share information with our colleagues. In AB Connect our colleagues can find everything they need, from the latest news to work anniversaries, internal contact information, documents, pay slips, and lots more!

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Periodic DCPC training courses

It’s important to us that our drivers are fully qualified and perform their duties safely, so we offer periodic Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (DCPC) training courses for our drivers.

Staff magazine Dr!ve

Twice a year, all colleagues receive our staff magazine: Dr!ve. We use it to share all sorts of information on developments in AB companies. It keeps all colleagues well-informed of the latest happenings in the various companies. While AB Texel Group consists of various companies, every colleague is equally important to us. Each edition features colleagues from all countries and there are fun promotions for everyone with great prizes to be won.


The AB qualities

AB Texel UK has a strong corporate culture and is characterised by its down-to-earth, personal approach. It’s easy to recognise AB colleagues, because we all possess the four AB qualities:

  • We are reliable and we take responsibility. The way it works is: we do what we say we’ll do. We keep our promises. Always.
  • We are approachable and we like open communication. True ABers are loyal and are relaxed in their dealings with others. This is obvious by the feeling when people talk to each other; it’s simply a good atmosphere.
  • We are flexible, we enjoy doing different things and trying new things. We move with the needs of the market, the customers and our colleagues.
  •  We have a no-nonsense mentality. It’s important to us to perform our work well, but we never brag about it. We simply get on with it.

Actually, ABers are simply good at what they do. Just like AB. Do you have these qualities too?

Then apply to AB!