Our fleet

As a driver, you need safe, up-to date equipment. To us that goes without saying. That’s why we never stop working to maintain, renew, and optimise our fleet. Both our trucks and our trailers feature the latest technologies and safety systems. Our trucks are a maximum of three years old, so as a driver you’re always working with new equipment.

Premium brand trucks and trailers

At AB Texel UK we use only the best equipment, so as a driver you’ll be driving the latest trucks and trailers from top brands. All our trucks have high cabins too, so you can move around comfortably. They’re equipped with microwaves and fridges, which makes life easier when you spend a lot of time on the road! The trucks have the latest Tablet on-board computers, which drivers can use to take photos – for example of documents that need to be forwarded, or of damage.


A large fleet

At AB Texel UK, we have a large fleet of 75-80 trucks and more than 250 belt unloaders. This type of trailer is specially designed to transport bulk agricultural products. The trailer is loaded from the top, and is unloaded through a tailgate at the rear, via a conveyor belt.

Are you interested in hitting the road in one of our trucks?

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