Jorg Venema

Truck driver

Jorg Venema (39) had his first introduction to the truck driving profession via his uncle: as a little boy, he was sometimes allowed to join his uncle on the road. Despite this, Jorg began his working life as a plumber. For three years he thought he’d found his dream job, until he had the opportunity to join a friend on his truck for a day. “When I got home I thought to myself, ‘This is it!’”

Starting out as a truck driver

Jorg had found his dream job, for real this time. But you can’t start driving trucks just like that. First you need the right licenses and papers. ''I paid for my own training and once all my papers were in order, I started driving right away. To be honest I’ve never looked back. I still love it each and every day!''

What's the great thing about the truck driving profession?

Jorg has been working as a truck driver for 18 years now and as far as he’s concerned, that will never change. What is it that he loves about the work? “Driving long distances. That really is the greatest thing ever. Constantly-changing views, and discovering different areas of Europe. You go everywhere, and no two days are ever the same. One time you’ll be on a small-scale farm and you have a nice little chat in the farmyard, and the next you’re on a really big farm and it’s like factory work. That variety, along with the freedom you have as a driver and spending lots of time outdoors, is what makes this a top job!''

Having new experiences and discovering Europe

As a driver you see quite a bit of Europe. Some experiences are better than others: ''One time I went on a really nice trip to Croatia. A mate of mine came with me, and we were able to stay there for the weekend and see a bit of the area. But at times in Poland I’ve driven on and on for kilometres over cobblestones, thinking, ‘Will this ever end?’ In the moment it’s awful, but later you reflect on it and realise it was still quite an experience and was a good thing to have done.”

Jorg's working week

Since 2015 Jorg has worked full-time for AB Texel, a Dutch company within AB Texel Group, active in agricultural transport. ''I work from Monday to Friday and I mainly drive in Belgium, France and Germany. Because I’m away from home all week, overnights are part of my job. I’ve always done it and I wouldn't have it any other way. I prefer driving to Germany, because I can easily make myself understood there. In France it’s a bit more difficult. On top of that, I’m not a big fan of French cuisine.''

A schedule for everyone

Jorg is very happy with his driving schedule, but if he ever wants to change it, he won’t need to worry. ''A big advantage of AB is that there are lots of different driving schedules. If you don't want to be away overnight or you want to be home more often, there are an enormous number of options. There’s a schedule to suit every driver. But I'm very happy with my current schedule for now. I got married in 2004 and we’re still together, so that must mean that it works well for us!'' 

Working for AB Texel Group

Jorg really enjoys working at AB: ''We always work with high-quality, new equipment. Everything is replaced regularly and well-maintained. Of course, it’s an amazing company overall. Something that really stands out is that despite how big the company is, I’ve never felt like a number. I have quite a lot of contact with the other drivers in my division, for example we help each other to close the tarpaulins, or we meet up in a café somewhere. I also know who all the planners in my division are, and they know who I am, so we know who’s on the other end of the line. I visit the office sometimes too.

Friendly and social

What should other people know about AB, in Jorg’s opinion? ''That it’s a really reliable, social and friendly company. Everything’s well-organised, and people keep their word. My hours are always correct and are paid out with no issues. I never have to chase anything up. From time to time colleagues have told me that unexpected personal situations have been handled well. They immediately make arrangements for you to get home quickly. Fortunately I've never experienced it myself, but I’ve done things like ask for an extra day off out of the blue because a DIY job at home took a bit longer than expected. That was also no problem at all.'' 

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